Tips For ESL Students

Trying to learn a new language is one of the most challenging things somebody can attempt, and few know that better than an ESL student. It can prove to be difficult to try to immerse yourself in an entirely different culture while simultaneously trying to understand the language and frequently used colloquialisms. While it wouldn’t make learning English a breeze, here are some tips that should help any ESL student with learning the language quicker and more effectively.

ESL summer camp

Schooling –

Most schools offer separate learning opportunities for ESL students, with a trained multilingual teacher, that make it easier for the students to learn new material. If possible, an ESL student should ask for as much extra work as possible without overloading themselves. Extra work only proves to speed up the process of learning English. There are also clubs and organizations that offer extra help to ESL students, such as an ESL summer camp. Being around other ESL students is healthy, but English learners should try to talk to native English speakers as often as possible, even if it is a little bit uncomfortable outside of a learning environment.

Ear Training –

Half of learning a new language is understanding and listening. This can prove to be the most difficult part for some students. The way that people speak and the things that they say might make it considerably harder for any prospective ESL student to understand what is being said. Although, there are ways to practice. You can turn on TV that is in English so that you can train your ear to better understand English words, as well as colloquialisms or commonly used phrases that English speakers often use. If you are still having a hard time following what is being said, you can turn on the closed captioning feature so that you can associate sounds with the actual words, improving pronunciation.